Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
To Approve the Award of a Services Concessions Contract05/02/2018For Determination01/05/2018
Social Prescribing05/02/2018For Determination06/03/2018
Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Protocol05/02/2018For Determination06/03/2018
Petworth Neighbourhood Development Plan - Making the Plan05/02/2018For Determination01/05/2018
Novium Management Procurement Option05/02/2018For Determination05/06/2018
Havant Local Plan – Response to consultation on Draft Local Plan05/02/2018For Determination06/03/2018
Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) Tangmere Strategic Development Location05/02/2018For Determination06/03/2018
Community Warden Funding05/02/2018For Determination04/09/2018
Amendment to Scope of Negotiations for Concessions Contract11/01/2018UrgentFor Determination06/02/2018
Determination of the Council Tax Base 2019-202008/01/2018For Determination04/12/2018
Authorities’ Monitoring Report08/01/2018For Determination06/03/2018
Contamination Policy08/01/2018For Determination06/02/2018
Disposal of 2 The Gardens, College Lane, Chichester08/01/2018For Determination06/02/2018
Selsey Haven Project Phase 2 Feedback Report08/01/2018For Determination06/03/2018
Bird Aware Solent – Approval of the Definitive Mitigation Strategy08/01/2018For Determination06/03/2018
Section 106 Allocation – St Wilfrids Church Hall30/11/2017For Determination09/01/2018
Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)05/12/2017For Determination09/01/2018
Grant Funding for Generalist Advice Service30/11/2017Recommmend Forward to Council09/01/2018
Local Strategic Statement 3 and Statement of Common Ground30/11/2017For Determination06/02/2018
Westbourne Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement30/11/2017For Determination10/04/2018
New Homes Bonus (Parish Allocations Policy)07/11/2017Recommmend Forward to Council05/12/2017
Corporate Plan 2018-2021 and Initial Project Proposals for 2018-201907/11/2017Recommmend Forward to Council09/01/2018
Chichester Growth Deal 2017 - 202207/11/2017Recommmend Forward to Council05/12/2017
Parking Strategy Review07/11/2017For Determination05/06/2018
Replacement of Parking Payment Machines in Rural Areas07/11/2017For Determination05/12/2017
ICT Strategy Report 2018-202127/09/2017For Determination10/04/2018
St James Industrial Estate, Chichester – Partial Refurbishment and Partial Rebuild27/09/2017For Determination06/03/2018
Careline Review31/08/2017For Determination07/11/2017
Barnfield Drive, Chichester - Phase 2 Investment Opportunity31/08/2017For Determination05/12/2017
Carry Forward Requests 201831/08/2017For Determination10/04/2018
Gigabit West Sussex for Districts and Boroughs10/08/2017For Determination05/09/2017
Chichester Football Club14/08/2017UrgentFor Determination05/09/2017
South Downs National Park Local Plan – Response to Pre-Submission Consultation04/08/2017For Determination07/11/2017
Local Plan Review Preferred Approach Consultation04/08/2017For Determination25/09/2018
Development Management Service Delivery04/08/2017For Determination05/09/2017
Article 4 Direction - Chichester Conservation Area04/08/2017For Determination06/02/2018
Section 106 Allocation - Westhampnett Community Hall04/08/2017For Determination10/04/2018
Litter and Fly Tip Action Plan 2017-201910/07/2017For Determination05/09/2017
Chichester Vision - Approval of Action Plan and Delivery Governance Arrangements10/07/2017For Determination05/12/2017
Treasury Management Strategy, Policy and Prudential Indicators 2018-201910/07/2017For Determination06/02/2018
Selsey Bathing Water Enhancement Project10/07/2017For Determination
Provision of a Parking Enforcement Service10/07/2017For Determination07/11/2017
Review of Character Appraisal and Management Proposals for Selsey Conservation Area and Implementation of Associated Recommendations including Designation of a New Conservation Area in East Selsey to be Named Old Selsey31/05/2017For Determination05/09/2017
Westbourne Conservation Area Character Appraisal31/05/2017For Determination01/05/2018
East Pallant House Options Appraisal31/05/2017For Determination06/02/2018
Lavant Neighbourhood Development Plan - Making the Plan31/05/2017Recommmend Forward to Council11/07/2017
Financial Strategy and Plan 2018/201931/05/2017Recommmend Forward to Council23/01/2018
Budget Spending Plans 2018-201931/05/2017For Determination06/03/2018
Infrastructure Business Plan - Approval Following Consultation03/05/2017For Determination06/03/2018
Draft Infrastructure Business Plan 2018-2023 for Consultation03/05/2017For Determination21/11/2017
Framework Agreement - Agency Staff 2018-2020 Chichester Contract Services03/05/2017For Determination05/09/2017
Fishbourne Conservation Area Character Appraisal03/05/2017For Determination06/03/2018
Corporate Debt Recovery Policy and Write-Off Policy05/04/2017For Determination05/09/2017
Local Plan Review Issues & Options Consultation05/04/2017Recommmend Forward to Council19/06/2017
Approval of Statement of Community Involvement for Consultation05/04/2017Recommmend Forward to Council16/05/2017
To approve the Council’s Annual Report for 2016/1705/04/2017Recommmend Forward to Council25/07/2017
Non Domestic Rates Discretionary Scheme 2017-202105/04/2017For Determination21/11/2017
South Downs National Park Authority Development Management Agency Agreement07/03/2017Recommmend Forward to Council25/07/2017
Community Housing Fund06/01/2017Recommmend Forward to Council07/03/2017
Corporate Plan Annual Review06/12/2016Recommmend Forward to Council07/03/2017
Highway cleansing31/10/2016For Determination19/09/2017
Chichester Vision - Approval of Final Document04/10/2016Recommmend Forward to Council25/07/2017
Fishbourne Neighbourhood Plan – Modification for the Purpose of Correcting an Error06/09/2016For Determination22/11/2016
Review of Character Appraisal and Management Proposals for Selsey Conservations Area, Appraisal and designation of new conservation area at East Selsey and implementation of associated recommendations06/09/2016Item DeferredNot before 06/12/2016
Revised Local Development Scheme 2016-202002/08/2016Recommmend Forward to Council07/03/2017
Southern Gateway - Approval of Draft Masterplan and Consultation Process05/07/2016Recommmend Forward to Council25/07/2017
Treasury Management Strategy Statement for 2017-1808/06/2016Recommmend Forward to Council07/03/2017
Housing Allocations Scheme Review08/06/2016Forward to Cabinet
Chichester Road Space Audit06/05/2016For Determination07/11/2017
Joint Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Supplementary Planning Document Adoption06/05/2016Recommmend Forward to Council16/05/2017