Committee details

Assessment Sub-Committee

Purpose of committee

The Assessment Sub-Committee (ASC) is one of two sub-committees of the Standards Committee.

At each meeting of the ASC there must be three of the seven members of the Standards Committee present and they alone have voting rights.

There will also be present by invitation one of the Council’s two independent persons, who have been appointed under section 28 (7) of the Localism Act 2011. They act in an advisory capacity.

Where an allegation against a parish councillor is being considered, a parish councillor who is a co-opted member of the Standards Committee is invited to attend and acts in an advisory capacity.

The ASC meets as required by the Monitoring Officer in order to assess a complaint that a member or co-opted member of CDC or one of the parish councils in Chichester District has not complied with the code of conduct to be followed by members. In carrying out the assessment the ASC will take into account the views of the independent person and, where the complaint is against a parish council member, the invited parish representative. 

In making its decision the ASC will choose one the following options:

-          Refer the complaint to the Monitoring Officer for the complaint to be investigated; or

-          Instruct the Monitoring Officer to arrange training of the accused member, conciliation between the complainant and the accused member, or other appropriate steps; or

-          Take no action on the complaint; or

-          Refer the complaint to the monitoring officer of another authority if the accused member is no longer a member of CDC or one of the parish councils in the district but is a member of the other authority.


Contact information

Support officer: Graham Thrussell on 01243 534653. Email: