Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Resourcing Neighbourhood Planning14/04/2021For Determination01/06/2021
Renewal of Chichester BID12/04/2021For Determination06/07/2021
Treasury Management - Outturn 2020-2112/04/2021For Determination07/09/2021
Treasury Management - half year 2021-2212/04/2021For Determination02/11/2021
2022-23 Treasury Management & Investment Strategy and Capital Strategy update12/04/2021For Determination08/03/2022
Repurpose of ARP Budget: CRM Project12/04/2021For Determination01/06/2021
Allocation of Commuted Sums to Deliver Affordable Housing23/03/2021For Determination06/04/2021
Planning Noise Technical Advice Guidance08/03/2021For Determination01/06/2021
Adoption of Licensing Act 2003 Statement of Licensing Policy02/03/2021For Determination23/11/2021
Adoption of Gambling Act 2005 Statement of Policy review02/03/2021For Determination23/11/2021
Council's Annual Report 2020-202101/03/2021For Determination20/07/2021
Approval to consult on Gambling Act 2005 Statement of Policy review25/02/2021For Determination20/07/2021
Approval to consult on Licensing Act 2003 Statement of Licensing Policy25/02/2021For Determination20/07/2021
Housing Register and Allocation Scheme15/02/2021For Determination04/05/2021
Selsey Neighbourhood Development Plan - Making the Plan12/02/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Boxgrove Neighbourhood Development Plan - Making the Plan12/02/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Litter Contract Extension30/11/2020For Determination12/01/2021
CCS RCV Fleet procurement strategy26/11/2020For Determination20/07/2021
Update of Contract Procedure Rules23/09/2020For Determination19/01/2021
Extension of Litter and Dog Control Enforcement S101 Agreement03/09/2020For Determination19/01/2021
Future funding of Community Warden Service dependent on partner contributions27/05/2020For Determination02/11/2021
Low Carbon Chichester Fund27/05/2020For Determination07/09/2021
Local Plan Review07/05/2020For Determination03/2022
Local Plan Review07/05/2020For Determination02/03/2021
Award of Contract for Insurance Services05/02/2020For Determination07/09/2021
Approval to Consult on Draft Air Quality Action Plan26/07/2019For Determination04/05/2021
Approval of an Air Quality Action Plan12/03/2019For Determination07/09/2021
Westbourne Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement30/11/2017For Determination04/05/2021