Issue - decisions

Award of Contract for Insurance Services

09/09/2021 - Award of Contracts for Insurance Services



That the Cabinet:

1.    Approve the award of the Council’s insurance contract(s) to the bidder(s) with the highest evaluated score as set out in section 5 and exempt appendix 1.

2.    Delegate authority to the Director of Corporate Services to:

a.     conclude the contractual arrangements and implement the relevant contracts to be effective from 1 November 2021;

b.    approve the extension period beyond the initial contract period where appropriate; and,

c.    arrange for continued marine insurance cover as set out in paragraph 3.6.

3.    Where the above arrangements are not able to be finalised and successfully implemented before 31 October 2021, delegate authority to the Director of Corporate Services to make alternative insurance arrangements as necessary after consulting with the Cabinet Member for Finance, Corporate Services and Revenues & Benefits.