Issue - decisions

Corporate Plan 2018-2021 and Initial Project Proposals for 2018-2019

11/01/2018 - Revised Corporate Plan 2018-2021



(1)  That the revised Corporate Plan for 2018-2021 as set out in appendix 1 to the agenda report (as amended) be approved. 


(2)  That £130,000 from Chichester District Council’s General Fund Reserve be approved to fund the two projects as set out in para 5.7 of the agenda report.




That the new project proposals for 2018-2019 as set out in appendices 2 to 9 to the agenda report be agreed in principle subject to full Project Initiation Document (PID) approval.


[Note In recommendation (1) above appendix 1 was amended by the Cabinet in two respects namely on page 4 to the Objective 2 actions for the Priority to ‘Manage our built and natural environments and maintain a positive sense of place’ (a) in 2.2 insert ‘aim to’ between ‘will’ and ‘achieve’ and (b) in 2.3 insert ‘endeavour to’ ‘will’ and ‘increase’]