Agenda item

Chichester District Council Schedule of Planning Appeals, Court and Policy Matters between 14 October 2020 and 18 November 2020

The Planning Committee will consider the monthly schedule updating the position with regard to planning appeals, litigation and recent planning policy publications or pronouncements.


Mrs Stevens drew Members attention to a number of appeals within the report and on the Agenda Update Sheet.


·         19/02365/FUL - Land to the West of Hangar Drive, Tangmere.

Erection of 6 no. flats with associated parking, bin and cycle store, landscaping and open space.  Referred to as: Land north east of Tangmere Military Aviation Terrace, Tangmere, PO20 2ES in appeal decision.


Mrs Stevens explained that the Inspector had taken into consideration what was currently existing, and the importance of open space for the quality of life.  Mrs Stevens commented that this was a good decision and one which could be utilised by the Majors Team to ensure appropriate open-space on new developments.


·         18/02708/DOM – Dolphins, Rookwood Lane, West Wittering.  Proposed steps down through garden to a 1.5 long tunnel beneath public footpath rising through to another set of steps to the foreshore garden.


Mrs Stevens explained that the Inspector had found that no harm would be caused to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the visual impact would be minimal. 


With regards to the application for costs, these were refused as the Inspector recognised that the Committee’s alternative view as a judgement and did not find it to be unreasonable.


·         20/00128/FUL – Lower Hone Farm, Lower Hone Lane, Bosham.  Change of use of storage barn to 1 no. dwelling house and associated works, including natural swimming pond and landscaping.


Mrs Stevens explained that officers were concerned with regards to the harm to the AONB in relation to Local Plan Policy 46, and how that balanced with extensions and alterations to existing buildings.  The Inspector had agreed, and there was no award of costs.  There had been some procedural issues with the late sending of a questionnaire and consultation to the Planning Inspectorate, which the Inspector had found unreasonable, but found this did not result in further costs for the appellant.  Mrs Stevens confirmed that the planning administration team had now revised their processes.


·         19/03008/FUL – 23 Lavant Road, Chichester – Erection of 5 no. flats and parking, landscaping and associated works.


Mrs Stevens explained that the Inspector had concluded that there was a need for mitigation for nitrates to ensure that the integrity of the Special Protection Area (SPA) was safeguarded and had dismissed the appeal.  However the Inspector had also concluded that the arts and crafts appearance of the development would suitably integrate within the neighbourhood.  Mr Whitty added that once the applicant had resolved the issue of nitrates mitigation, there would not be grounds on which to refuse the application. 


·         19/01622/FUL – Subitonia, 45 Howard Avenue, West Wittering.  Demolition of an existing bungalow with garage and erection of 2 no. replacement two storey dwellings with separate access and parking.


Mrs Stevens explained that the Inspector concluded although the eaves compared to some others would be higher, as the buildings would be set back that would provide an open appearance to the site frontage, and that the hard surfacing to the front was not unusual, around the appeal site.  The appeal was therefore allowed.


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