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Covid 19 - Progress Covid 19 Recovery Action Plans

The Cabinet is requested to receive comments from the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and to note and make comments on the progress of the Covid Recovery Plans.




1.    That the comments of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee be noted.


2.    That the progress of the Covid Recovery Plans be noted.


Cllr Lintill introduced the item.


Miss Higenbottam then read the recommendations from the special meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 27 October 2020 as follows:


1)    That the Overview and Scrutiny Committee recommends this report to

Cabinet and thank officers and all members for their contribution to the

recovery groups and the report;


2)    The Overview and Scrutiny Committee raises the following items and asks Cabinet to further consider:


a.    Mental health;

b.    Support for the surface level Northgate, Chichester pedestrian crossing;

c.    Expedite the transfer of existing tenants of St James Industrial Estate, Chichester.


3)    That the Overview and Scrutiny Committee invites Cabinet to look at the paper produced by Mr Johnson on the formation of a Towns and Villages Recovery Group.


In response to recommendation 2a Cllr Briscoe explained that there is a Public Health Working Group with representation from the councils wellbeing team who will be taking a broader view of the impact of the pandemic on mental health. Cllr Wilding added that there had been a focus on support for staff including enabling flexibility in working hours. He explained that wellbeing and equipment checklists had been sent to staff and followed up where concerns were raised. A staff survey had also been issued during the first lockdown. A second staff survey will now be brought forward. He explained that the council offers an Employee Assistance Programme, and Able Futures programme in addition to internal wellbeing programmes and support. Cllr Sutton added that the council also offers a social prescribing service and members are also on hand to signpost people to appropriate resources and support.


In response to recommendation 2b Cllr Taylor explained that this had already been raised by officers with West Sussex County Council who understand that their bid for funding should not be affected by the removal of the Covid cycle lane. The crossing was in any case also required by the terms of a Section Agreement relating to the Graylingwell development and this was being pursued by WSCC and CDC officers


In response to recommendation 2c Cllr Dignum explained his understanding that members of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee had been working with officers on the St James site. He added that the process is complex as each tenants’ circumstances are different but it continued to proceed well.


Cllr Donna Johnson was then invited to speak on behalf of Cllr Tim Johnson. Cllr Donna Johnson outlined why they felt a separate Towns and Villages Group should be established. In response to Cllr Donna Johnson and recommendation 3 Mr Bennett explained that a similar motion had just been debated by Full Council and in line with section 19.1 of the Constitution no proposal to overturn a Council resolution shall be considered by the Council within six months of the resolution. Cllr Dignum then proposed that Cllr Donna Johnson and Cllr Tim Johnson be invited to observe the Economic Recovery Group where he would welcome their input. Cllr Sutton seconded the proposal. Mr Bennett confirmed that the proposal did not require a separate vote and could instead be noted as an action to be taken by Cllr Dignum.


In a vote the following resolutions were agreed:




1.    That the comments from the Overview and Scrutiny Committee be noted.


2.    That the progress of the Covid Recovery Plans be noted.


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