Agenda item

CC/19/02014/DOC - Land On The West Side Of Broyle Road, Chichester, West Sussex

Part Discharge of Condition 5 of Outline Permission CC/14/04301/OUT -
Construction and Environmental Management Plan (Parcel P1)






Miss Bell introduced the application.

The following members of the public addressed the Committee:

Miss Louise Goldsmith – West Sussex County Council Member

Mr Rob Collett – Applicant

During the discussion members sought clarification regarding the number of vehicle movements (140 or 280), how will abnormal loads would be routed, the wheel-washing for vehicles leaving the site and where will this flow to, the temporary access from Old Broyle Road and the safety of the footpath, air quality related to vehicle movements, control of smaller vehicles below 3.5 tonnes and toilet provision on site.  Mr Shaw confirmed the vehicles movements would total approximately 140 and the developer had not confirmed that they were expecting any abnormal loads, and were this to be planned, West Sussex County Council would be consulted which would be a separate matter.  With regards to the wheel-washing, any flow on to the highway could be enforced if causing a safety issue.  Temporary vehicle access was a matter of detail, which would be reviewed as part of the construction management plan with consideration to the safety of all road users.  With regards to vehicles below 3.5 tonnes, there would not be any control for such vehicles, as the HGV vehicles movements were the focus for the County Council, which had a far greater impact.

During the discussion members sought further clarification regarding the construction road (existing farm track) within the site and potential damage to tree roots and sediment wash off into the chalk stream, control of litter from construction workers, and times of HGVs entering and exiting the site.  Miss Bell responded that air quality issues were outside the discharge of the planning condition, although discussion could be had in a different arena.  Toilets would be emptied on site and waste removed which was included in the number of vehicle movements.  With regards to the track, Miss Bell confirmed this was initially the existing farm track and once available the spine road would be used.  Fencing would protect the tree line and Miss Bell added that she did not have any information with regards to the chalk stream, and she was currently awaiting a response from the Environment Agency.  Mr Shaw confirmed the time restrictions for vehicle movements related to the avoidance of school times and were contained within the report.  The developer would confirmed these times to all contractors.  The general construction hours were 7.30 until 18.00 on Monday to Friday and 8.00 until 13.00 on a Saturdays and not on Sundays or public holidays.  Mr Whitty advised that a number of matters had been debated which went beyond the control of planning, but considered the protection of the trees and the chalk stream important and suggest this matter was delegated to officers, which may include consulting the Environment Agency if necessary.  

Mr Whitty confirmed the resolution of the Committee was to delegate the application to officers, but that the officers would first look into the matters raised, including protection of the trees and impact on the chalk stream.  This recommendation was proposed and seconded.  In response to a further question, Mr Whitty further explained how breaches would be dealt with, and the enforcement process available.

Recommendation to Permit agreed.

Mrs Fowler left the room and did not return.

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