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CH/20/01139/OUT; Land South Of Springfield Hambrook Hill South Hambrook Chidham West Sussex (approximate start time 10.20am)

Meeting: 06/10/2021 - Planning Committee (Item 122)

122 CH/20/01139/OUT; Land South Of Springfield Hambrook Hill South Hambrook Chidham West Sussex (approximate start time 10.20am) pdf icon PDF 531 KB

Outline Planning Application All Matters Reserved - Erection of 1 no. 3 bed dwelling in garden to south of existing house.


Permit with S106.


Mrs Stevens presented her report to the Committee. The application is for Outline permission only with all other matters reserved. Mrs Stevens highlighted the site location and its proximity to the settlement boundary. She confirmed that the site was previously developed land and prior to becoming garden land it had been used as boarding kennels.


Mrs Stevens informed the Committee that the foul drainage from the development would enter the main sewer and discharge into Chichester Harbour. A nitrate mitigation proposal has been included and assessed as part of the application, and Natural England is satisfied with the proposal. The mitigation would be provided on site and would be controlled through a condition which is recommended within the Committee report.


Mrs Stevens explained that the Chidham & Hambrook Neighbourhood Plan allows for windfall development in rural locations on previously development land.


The Committee received representations from;


Cllr Adrian Moss – Chichester District Council Ward Member


Officers responded to Members’ comments and questions as follows;


On the matter of the classification of the land was; Mrs Stevens confirmed that the land had been carefully considered by officers as part of the application assessment and clarified that the land was classed as garden land.


With regards to the need for the development; Mrs Stevens acknowledged that one dwelling would make no significant impact to the provision of housing stock within the local area, however the housing policies are out of date and there is no current five year housing supply, and  when assessed against the NPPF there is no significant demonstrable harmful impacts. In addition; Mr Whitty explained that policy LP1 of the Neighbourhood Plan allows for windfall development on previously developed land, therefore even if there were a five year housing land supply the principal of development would still be acceptable.


With regards to nitrate mitigation; Mrs Stevens explained that the rewilding and replanting of urban areas in certain circumstances can be used as suitable mitigation for nitrates; the proposal has been approved by Natural England.


On the matter of precedence; Mr Whitty confirmed that the Neighbourhood Plan was made in 2016, after the Local Plan and therefore took precedence.


In a vote the Committee agreed to the report recommendation to permit with S106.


Recommendation; permit with s106 subject to the conditions and informatives set out in the report.


*Members took a ten minute break

*Cllr Sharp joined the meeting at 10.25am