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BO/21/02186/FUL; Broadbridge Business Centre Delling Lane Bosham PO18 8NF (approximate start time 9.35am)

Meeting: 06/10/2021 - Planning Committee (Item 121)

121 BO/21/02186/FUL; Broadbridge Business Centre Delling Lane Bosham PO18 8NF (approximate start time 9.35am) pdf icon PDF 286 KB

Erection of a single storey building comprising a gymnasium and offices (Use Class E), reconfiguration of existing parking area, with associated hard and soft landscaping (modifications to planning permission BO/20/02432/FUL).




Ms Thatcher presented the report to the Committee. She drew the Committee’s attention to the Agenda Update sheet which included an additional comment from Bosham Parish Council who since publication of the report has withdrawn their objection to the application.


Ms Thatcher highlighted the site location to the Committee and outlined the proposed development. She explained that the application was a modification to the 2020 extant application for a similar scheme. Ms Thatcher confirmed that the proposed used of the development is the same as the 2020 permission.


She informed the Committee that the application for a gym and office space is considered to be an appropriate use in a semi-rural location, with the design sympathetic to the location and would not cause any harm to the AONB


There were no public representations.


Officers responded to Members’ comments and questions as follows;


On the issue of tree planting along the western boundary; Ms Thatcher explained that the site boundary was wall and hedgerow which means that it would not be suitable for any tree planting.


On the issue of potential noise generated by the gym; Ms Thatcher informed the Committee that the application had been reviewed by the Environmental Protection Officer who was satisfied noise levels from the gym could be controlled and has recommended Condition 15 which requires a noise and vibration plan to be submitted and approved by the Local Authority. In addition Mr Whitty confirmed that upon review the Environmental Protection Officer can set DB limits if they feel it is appropriate. 


In a vote the Committee agreed to the report recommendation to permit.


Recommendation; permit subject to the conditions and informatives set out in the report.


*Members took a five minute break.