Issue - decisions

Budget Spending Plans 2021-22 & Council Tax Setting

18/02/2021 - Budget Spending Plans 2021-22



a)    That a net budget requirement of £15,041,200 for 2021-22 be approved.

b)    That Council Tax be increased by £5.00 from £165.81 to £170.81 for a Band D equivalent in 2021-22.

c)    That a contribution from the General Fund Reserve of £2,099,300 be approved to help fund the 2021-22 budget.

d)    The capital programme, including the asset renewal programme (appendix 1c and 1d of the agenda report) be approved.




a)    That the current estimated resources position set in appendix 2 of the agenda report as amended, and

b)    the budget variances included in the Draft Budget Spending Plan as set out in appendix 1b of the agenda report be noted.