Issue - decisions

Selsey & Wittering Beach Management Plan 2021-26

04/03/2021 - Beach Management Plan 2021-2026



1.    That Council gives authority to the Director of Planning and Environment to apply to the Environment Agency to draw down £250k per year of Flood Defence Grant in Aid for the Beach Management Plan (BMP).

2.    That Council approves the funding referred to in paragraph 2.1 above to be spent in line with the Beach Management Plan 2021-26 Schedule of Works shown at Table 1.

3.    That should the Beach Management Plan Schedule of Works, set out in Table 1, require amendment during this period, that authority to amend the schedule is delegated to the Director of Planning and Environment following consultation with the Cabinet Member for the Environment and Chichester Contract Services.

4.    That the Director of Planning and Environment be authorised to procure and award contracts for work in accordance with the BMP 2021-26 and Financial Standing Orders.