Issue - decisions

Financial Strategy and Plan 2018/2019

07/12/2017 - Financial Strategy and Plan 2018-2019



That the Council:

(1)  Approves the key financial principles and actions of the five-year financial strategy set out in appendix 1 to the agenda report.


(2)  Notes the current five-year Financial Model in appendix 2 to the agenda report.


(3)  Approves that a minimum level of general fund reserves be set at £5m and the £1.3m provision for revenue support be maintained, having considered the recommendations from the Corporate Governance and Audit Committee.


(4)  Approves that Chichester District Council participates in the West Sussex 100% Business Rates Pilot for 2018-2019 if the bid is accepted by the Department of Communities and Local Government or continues to participate in a West Sussex Business Rates pool for 2018-2019 if the pilot bid is unsuccessful.


(5)  Notes the current resources position as set out in appendix 3 to the agenda report.