Agenda item

CC/19/03146/REM - Land On The West Side Of Broyle Road, Chichester West

All outstanding Reserved Matters for the erection of 154 residential dwellings with associated parking, landscaping, informal open space and associated works on Phase 3, Parcel E, pursuant to permission 14/04301/OUT.




Mr Harris presented the item to Members and drew attention to the information provided in the Update Sheet. 


The Committee received the following speakers:


·         Philip Maber – Objector

·         Gabrielle Adams – Objector

·         Mark Record – Objector

·         Rob Collett – Agent (written statement read out)


Mr Harris then responded to Members’ comments and questions.  He explained that the layout of the dwellings followed the perimeter block approach principle, with one street of dwellings backing onto Centurion Way.  The layout had been subject to various improvements during the course of the application.  He also confirmed that the Housing Officer preferred the changes which had been made, which involved an increased number of affordable dwellings.  Planning guidance had been followed although this parcel provided 27% affordable dwellings as opposed to 30% which would be compensated for in other parcels.  Photovoltaic provision was included for those dwellings with roofs within the appropriate degree of facing south, and purchasers of other dwellings would be advised of the option to pay for photovoltaic panels to be installed.  The applicants have publically committed to provide a further cycleway link to Centurion Way as part of the Reserved Matters application for the residential parcel to the south of the site, and Mr Harris confirmed it would not be reasonable for the Council to pursue further such provision as part of the current application.


Mr Harris further responded that a specific hedge height could not be conditioned and there would be a requirement to replant within five years if necessary.  A management company would take responsibility for the maintenance of all landscaping outside of individual properties’ curtilages, but to require planting to be maintained at a specific height in perpetuity would not be reasonable or enforceable. 


With regards the ‘start’ or ‘commencement’ dates for the proposals, Miss Golding confirmed these were listed within the outline planning permission.


Mr Shaw responded to questions confirming the 2007 adopted Manual for Streets remains the relevant guidance.  With regards to the 4.8 metre carriageway widths, and the issue with cars parked on pavements, there was previously a desire to reduce car ownership which was believed would be achieved by reducing parking facilities, but this resulted in cars being parked on streets.  The allocation and level of parking facilities on this parcel were considered suitable, with significant on street parking not expected, and therefore it was believed the balance of carriageway width and parking facilities was appropriate.


Mr Whitty responded that work on cycleway and pedestrian access had not been undertaken at a late stage, but developed over a number of years.  With regards to the access to the north, there were a number of engineering issues associated with the differing levels on the site, and considerations were not just linked to costs but also to appearance, and where mature trees were currently established.  Developers were working within the parameters set out in the outline permission, and to the south of the parcel a good solution had been suggested and an informative could be added to the decision in order to ensure this was provided.  Although the access to the north was desirable, it had presented significant difficulties with the depth of cutting onto Centurion Way.  Mr Whitty added that the layout grouped affordable houses back to back, but facing onto different roads.  Housing associations preferred some grouping for maintenance purposes, and the proposed layout provided for good social cohesion. 


Mr Harris responded that design was a subjective matter, and that the design on this parcel was consistent with other parcels and the approved residential design strategy. 


Mr Whitty explained that he did not have the precise wording for the proposed informative relating to the future provision of a cycle link,  but the essence of this would include ‘that the developer was expected to fully investigate and implement wherever possible the indicative access to parcel 3i as part of developing the proposals’.  Mr Harris added that discussions had taken place with the Local Highway Authority regarding achieving the link with Centurion Way and there were unlikely to be any constraints in terms of the procedures in realising this undertaking.  Mr Whitty confirmed this would be added to officers’ recommendation.


In a vote Members agreed the recommendation.


Recommendation to Permit agreed with additional conditions, informatives and amendments as discussed.


Members took a ten minute break.


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