Agenda item

Questions to the Executive

For a maximum of 40 minutes duration.


The Chairman invited questions to the Executive.


Dr O’Kelly asked whether the Cabinet member for Housing would commit the Council to eradicating rough sleeping. Mr Wilding agreed to come back to members with a written response.


Mr Brown asked for consideration to be given to the timings of council committee meetings to include evening meetings following the election of a greater number of councillors who work or have other commitments during the day. Mrs Lintill agreed to instruct officers to write an options report.


Mr Plowman asked for comment on the timing of the delivery of facilities for the Graylingwell park development in comparison to the Whitehouse Farm development.  Mr Frost was invited to respond and explained that the Graylingwell development is already underway whereas Whitehouse Farm has yet to start development. Mr Frost was not aware of any breach of the Section 106 agreement for Graylingwell.


Mr Plowman also asked for comment on the delivery of the Summersdale Conservation Area report and requested a completion date of no more than three months. Mr Frost was invited to respond and explained that if resubmitted the Summersdale Character appraisal could be considered. He explained that three months would be an unrealistic timescale but he offered to discuss the timescale with Mr Plowman further outside of the meeting.


Mr Moss asked Mrs Lintill to write to the Leader of West Sussex County Council regarding Children’s Social Services. Mrs Lintill agreed to write but also explained that she would be meeting the West Sussex County Council Leader shortly.


Mrs Bangert asked how much money is spent on planning enforcement and addressing people not following Tree Preservation Orders. Mrs Taylor explained that there is a process for enforcement and fines can be issued. Mr Frost added that hedges are not protected by Tree Preservation Orders. He offered to discuss any individual cases outside of the meeting.


Mrs Hume asked what provision is in place to try and encourage black and ethnic minorities amongst members and senior officers. Mrs Shepherd was invited to respond. She explained that the council takes diversity seriously but it is up to political groups to field a wide range of candidates. She added that the council is generally representative of the district as a whole.  


Mr Oakley asked the following:


1.     What lessons have been learned by officers in relation to the S106 (and triggers) for the provision of play areas on two sites in Tangmere (Meadow Way and the Hangar site); and


2.     Will an air quality and economic impact assessment be carried out associated with the works shortly to commence on the A27 related to the Shopwyke Lakes development and if so, will or can this be used to inform the Transport Study and policies in the Local Plan Review. For information, I understand the planned works to be:

a.     Northern access junction

b.     Portfield roundabout modifications

c.     Western access

d.     Pedestrian crossing and bus gate to Shopwyke Road

e.     Western pedestrian/cycle bridge to the A27 Chichester by pass.


Mrs Taylor agreed to provide written responses.