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WR/19/01926/FUL - The Bat And Ball Country Pub, Newpound, Wisborough Green, RH14 0EH

Meeting: 06/11/2019 - Planning Committee (Item 28)

28 WR/19/01926/FUL - The Bat And Ball Country Pub, Newpound, Wisborough Green, RH14 0EH pdf icon PDF 430 KB

Erection of polytunnel.






Mr Saunders introduced the application.


Additional information was provided on the Agenda Update Sheet in relation to a condition.


The following member of the public addressed the Committee:


Mr Peter Drummond – Parish Representative


During the discussion members sought clarification regarding whether the surrounding area could be landscaped, a future more suitable structure, a potential time-limit by which a more suitable structure could be installed, and that the presence of the structure was contrary to the Neighbourhood Plan.  Mr Saunders responded that a temporary planning permission could be granted and the applicant required to, investigate a more permanent solution.  Mr Whitty added that the Committee would need to be clear in its conclusions that the structure was unacceptable but recognise its necessity for the operation of the business, if it were to consider granting a temporary permission.


Members sought further clarification regarding the inclusion of a condition regarding screening or whether the current structure could be moved to a more acceptable location and the objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan.  Mr Whitty responded that a decision could be deferred, but the Committee must be clear as to its reasons for deferral, and should look to either refuse the application or grant a temporary permission if they considered the structure should in the future be replaced with another solution.  Mr Saunders added that the Neighourhood Plan proposals referred to conserving and enhancing the setting of the listed building.  The structure could be screened, and considered to be causing less than substantial harm weighed against public benefit.  Mr Whitty advised that the Committee could take a vote on the officer recommendation, and if that was not carried, a proposal could be put forward.


Members further discussed the comments from the Council’s Conservation and Design Offer, the need to pay attention to the Neighbourhood Plan, the necessary support for the business and that a decision must be based on policy. 


Reccomendation to permit agreed.