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CC-18-02818-FUL - 22 Peacock Close, Chichester

Meeting: 16/01/2019 - Planning Committee (Item 267)

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Change of use of a 6-bedroom house (Class C4) to a 7-bedroom House of Multiple Occupation (Sui Generis) for a maximum of 7 professionals.


Refuse (contrary to officer recommendation)



Additional information was reported on the agenda update sheet relating to additional consultation comments received from Natural England, WSCC Parking Manager, Chichester District Council Housing Service, and two additional third party comments and officer comment advising that the recommendation remained permit.


The following members of the public addressed the Committee:

·         Mr H Marshall – Objector

·         Mr T Tavinor  – Objector

·         Mrs K Day – Applicant


During the discussion members noted the general concern raised by the objectors who had commented on parking issues in the area.  However, they noted the consultee response from the WSCC Parking Manager that whilst he was aware of parking issues in the surrounding area he was not aware of any particular parking issues in this residential street and proposals were currently being designed for a parking scheme to cover this area.


Officers responded to members’ questions and comments.  Mrs Stevens advised that it would be possible to add an additional condition to restrict the number of people that could reside at the dwelling to a maximum of seven.

With regard to the concerns Mrs Stevens advised the proposal would not result in a change to the character of the area, the dwelling had already changed to a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and the occupation of one additional room would not change that.  The proposal did not intend to change the landscaping to the frontage.


Mr Whitty advised that officers had observed parking in the street during the evening when spaces were observed.  In a city location 3 parking spaces were acceptable.  The applicant had advised that under their current parking arrangements four cars could accommodated on the driveway.


A vote on the officer recommendation to permit the application was not carried.


A proposal to refuse the application on the grounds that the proposed change of use to a 7 bedroom house in multiple occupation would have an adverse impact on the character of the area through intensification of the use of the building was carried.


Refuse for the following reason:


The proposed change of use to a 7 bedroom HMO would result in the unacceptable intensification of the use of the site and the introduction of a sui generis HMO property into a residential street, which would adversely impact on the character of the property, the street scene and the locality/surrounding area. This is contrary to Local Plan Policy 33 of the Chichester Local Plan: Key Policies 2014-2029, and the principles of the NPPF; specifically paragraph 127, section 12.


(Note: this decision was contrary to the officer recommendation)