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Public Question Time

Meeting: 08/01/2019 - Cabinet (Item 632)

Public Question Time

In accordance with Chichester District Council’s scheme for public question time and with reference to standing order 6 in part 4 A and section 5.6 in Part 5 of the Chichester District Council Constitution, the Cabinet will receive any questions which have been submitted by members of the public in writing by 12:00 on the previous working day. The total time allocated for public question time is 15 minutes subject to the chairman’s discretion to extend that period.






Questions had been submitted by two members of the public.


The questions (with the date of submission shown within [ ] at the end of the text) and the answers given by Mrs S Taylor (Cabinet for Planning Services) and Mr A Dignum (Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Growth and Place) were as follows.


In (1) below, in view of the number of questions to be asked, it was agreed that for ease of convenience each question and response would be paired. In these minutes, however, the responses appear collectively after the questions.  


(1) Questions by Mr M Dicker


In accordance with public question time at next week’s Cabinet meeting I would like to get answers to the following questions:


1. Why has Chichester District Council (CDC) agreed to accommodate the 205 houses from the SDNP unmet housing need when pressure for space is already acknowledged and it has no legal obligation to do so?


2.  If CDC is not prepared to hand back this unmet need then where is the need from in terms of which communities within the SDNP (by settlement area)? This is essential to know.


3.   CDC states: “The Local Plan Review will assist the creation of new jobs in a variety of ways, most obviously through the allocation of land for employment uses, …by supporting local services in rural areas … enhancing visitor facilities, supporting expansion of education and training, building new dwellings and facilitating improvements to transport and telecommunications.” 


Can CDC explain how the large element of economically inactive population from the SDNP will benefit from “land for employment uses” when it is not within easy reach of public transport for them? Having acknowledged this omission can CDC confirm that a better solution would be to identify employment space around Goodwood or to the north of the city to meet this unmet need and enable rural communities to become more economically active?


4.  There is deep concern about the provision of infrastructure (including transport) at the moment.  Why then does the Local Plan Review Preferred Approach – out for consultation - state and I quote:


“For this reason an independent viability study will be carried out to inform this strategy and the IDP”?


5. The Local Plan Review Preferred Approach states:


“The landscape of the coastline is characterised by its relatively flat topography which, on occasion, serves to provide views from the water across to the South Downs National Park.” 


Why then is CDC proposing employment space and housing at Al6/AP6 and a link road which will directly impact not only the views from the water of the Cathedral but perhaps the only view of the Cathedral from the water framed by long-distance views of the South Downs?


6.  Why has CDC including its contractors Peter Brett Associates not worked closely with Highways England in accordance with "The strategic road network, planning for the future A guide to working with Highways England on planning matters" in the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 632