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CC/21/00120/TPA 22 The Avenue, Chichester

Meeting: 07/04/2021 - Planning Committee (Item 29)

29 CC/21/00120/TPA 22 The Avenue, Chichester pdf icon PDF 419 KB

Fell 1 no. Sycamore tree (T1) subject to CC/98/00309/TPO.





Mrs Stevens presented the item to Members.


Officers responded to Members’ comments and questions:


With regards to the replacement tree, Mrs Stevens confirmed that the relevant condition required a suitable replacement of at least two metres tall which could be for example an oak or field maple but that decision would be made by the applicant. 


On the matter of pruning, Mr Whitby advised a tree would recover, and the tree would compartmentalise such wounding, but the general condition of the tree was worsening. 


Mrs Stevens advised that in accordance with the tree’s protected status, only one tree was required as replacement, and it was only in relation to planning applications that two replacements were required for each single tree removed and Mr Whitty added that Natural England would need to lobby to seek a change in this legislation to require a two for one replacement. 


Mrs Stevens confirmed that a condition stated the requirement for the tree to be replaced within the first planting season.


In a vote Members agreed the recommendation to permit.


Recommendation to permit agreed.