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Discharge of Stray-Dog Kennelling Functions

Meeting: 02/03/2021 - Council (Item 97)

Stray Dog Kennelling Services

The Council is requested to consider the report and its appendix and make the recommendation as set out in section 2.1 of the report.

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Please note that this item was taken in part II. A video recording was made of the full debate.


Cllr Plant introduced the report. Cllr Plant then moved the recommendation which was seconded by Cllr Lintill.


Questions and comments were received from Cllr Lintill, Cllr Donna Johnson, Cllr Moss and Cllr Tim Johnson. Mr Ballard provided responses.


Members then voted virtually on the recommendations which were carried.




That the proposed Cabinet recommendations stated at 2.1 of the Cabinet report for 2 March 2021 be approved.