Committee attendance

Please note attendance data is available from 1 January 2015. Attendance from May 2014 can be viewed through the Library under Members Information.
Corporate Governance & Audit Committee, 2 meetings
Member Attendances
Mr Jonathan Brown 2
Mrs Norma Graves 1
Mrs Philippa A Hardwick 1
Mr E Francis Hobbs 1
Mr Simon H P Lloyd-Williams 2
Mr Keith Martin 2
Mr Steve F Morley 1
Mrs Penny Plant 2
Mrs P (Tricia) M Tull 2
Mr Peter J H Wilding 2
Council, 4 meetings
Member Attendances
Mrs Clare M M Apel 4
Mr Graeme A F Barrett 4
Mr P Roger Barrow 4
Mr Jonathan Brown 4
Mr Peter J Budge 3
Mr Andy C Collins 4
Mr John C P Connor 4
Mr Thomas H Dempster 1
Mrs Pam M Dignum 4
Mr A (Tony) P Dignum 4
Mrs Janet E Duncton 3
Mr T Mark E Dunn 2
Mr John W E Elliott 3
Mr John F Elliott 3
Mr Nigel G Galloway 3
Mrs Norma Graves 4
Mr Mike N Hall 4
Mrs Elizabeth A B Hamilton 4
Mrs Philippa A Hardwick 2
Mr R (Bob) J Hayes 4
Mr Graham H Hicks 4
Mr Les R Hixson 1
Mr E Francis Hobbs 4
Mrs Jane L Kilby 4
Mrs Eileen P Lintill 4
Mr Simon H P Lloyd-Williams 3
Mr Len J Macey 2
Mr Keith Martin 4
Mr Gordon V McAra 3
Mr Steve F Morley 4
Mr Adrian G F Moss 3
Caroline L A Neville 4
Dr Kate O'Kelly 3
Mr Simon J Oakley 4
Mr Christopher L Page 4
Mrs Penny Plant 4
Mr Richard E Plowman 2
Mr Henry C Potter 2
Mrs L Carol Purnell 4
Mr Josef J L T Ransley 1
Mr John Ridd 2
Mr Andrew M Shaxson 4
Mrs Julie A E Tassell 0
Mrs Susan T Taylor 3
Mr Nick R D Thomas 4
Mrs P (Tricia) M Tull 3
Mr Darren J Wakeham 3
Mr Peter J H Wilding 4