Corporate Governance & Audit Committee
Thursday 28 March 2019 9.30 am

Venue: Committee Room 2, East Pallant House

Contact: Democratic Services on 01243 534685  Email:

No. Item


Chairman's Announcements

Any apologies for absence that have been received will be noted at this point.



Approval of Minutes pdf icon PDF 96 KB

The committee is requested to approve the minutes of its ordinary meeting on 10 January 2019.


Urgent items

The chairman will announce any urgent items that due to special circumstances are to be dealt with under the Late Items agenda item.



Declarations of Interest

These are to be made by members of the Corporate Governance and Audit Committee or other Chichester District Council members present in respect of matters on the agenda for this meeting.



Public Question Time

The procedure for submitting public questions in writing by no later than 12:00pm the day before the meetingis available here or from the Democratic Services Officer (whose contact details appear on the front page of this agenda).


Certification of Claims and Returns Annual Report 2017-18 pdf icon PDF 1 MB

The committee is requested to consider the attached report from Ernst & Young LLP summarising the results of work on the Council’s 2017-18 claims and returns


Audit Planning Report Year Ended 31 March 2019 - EY pdf icon PDF 5 MB

The Committee is requested to consider and note Ernst & Young LLP’s Audit Planning Report for the year ending 31 March 2019.


2018-19 Accounting Policies pdf icon PDF 76 KB

The committee is requested to consider this report and approve the accounting policies to be applied to prepare the Council’s 2018-19 financial statements


Carry Forward Requests pdf icon PDF 60 KB

That the Committee considers and recommends to Cabinet the requests for budgets to be carried forward to 2019-20 totalling £75,000

Additional documents:


Audit Report, Position Statements, Progress Report, Audit Plan 2019/2020 pdf icon PDF 68 KB

The committee is requested to consider the Audit Reports, the Position Statements, Progress Report and the 2019/2020 Draft Audit Plan

Additional documents:


Strategic Risk Management Update pdf icon PDF 70 KB

That the Committee notes the current strategic risk register and the internal controls in place, plus any associated action plans to manage those risks, and raises any issues or concerns; and

That the Committee notes both the high scoring programme board and organisational risks, and the mitigation actions in place, and raises any issues or concerns.


Additional documents:


Exclusion of the Press and Public

The Committee is asked to consider in respect of the following item(s) whether the public, including the press, should be excluded from the meeting on the grounds of exemption under Parts I to 7 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972, as indicated against the item and because, in all the circumstances of the case, the public interest in maintaining the exemption of that information outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information. The reports dealt with under this part of the agenda are attached for members of the Corporate Governance & Audit Committee and senior officers only (salmon paper).


11. Strategic Risk Management Update

      Appendix 1(b) - Information relating to cyber-attacks to the authority

Appendix 2(b) – Information relating to the recycling support payment income



Report on Potential Liabilities of the Council

The Committee is requested to note the potential liabilities of the Council.


Late items

The committee will consider any late items as follows:

a)           Items added to the agenda papers and made available for public inspection

b)          Items that the chairman has agreed should be taken as a matter of urgency by reason of special circumstances to be reported at the meeting