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Chichester Vision - Approval of Final Document

Meeting: 11/07/2017 - Cabinet (Item 383)

383 Approval of the Vision for Chichester City Centre pdf icon PDF 94 KB

The Cabinet is requested to consider the agenda report and its three appendices (contained in the first agenda supplement) and to make the following recommendations to the meeting of the Council on Tuesday 25 July 2017 namely that:


(1)  The final text of the Chichester Vision document, having been reviewed by and (if applicable) subject to amendments suggested by the Cabinet, be approved by the Council.


(2)  The Economic Development Manager, following consultation with the Leader of the Council, be delegated authority to enable minor amendments to be made to the document following any further comments from project partners.

Additional documents:




(1)  That the final text for the Chichester Vision document be approved.


(2)  That authority be delegated to the Economic Development Manager following consultation with the Leader of the Council to enable minor amendments to be made to the document after any further comments from project partners.


The Cabinet received and considered the agenda report and its three appendices in the first agenda supplement (copies attached to the official minutes).


The report was presented by Mr Dignum.


Mr Oates was in attendance for this item.


Mr Dignum said that members had agreed in discussion with officers on the need for a vison for the future of the city of Chichester. It was essential such a vision was supported by the city’s stakeholders, the three local authorities based in the city, businesses and residents. Accordingly a steering group had been established by a Project Partners Group, developed with many stakeholders and with a number of surveys. This collaborative work had culminated in a six-week public consultation, the results of which revealed overwhelming support for the Vision. The aims were to agree a clear definition of ‘what do we want Chichester City Centre to be’ ie what is to be the future form and function of the city centre. This would include (1) defining  Chichester city centre’s offer as a vibrant and attractive commercial and cultural focal point serving residents, workers and visitors, across all demographics; (2) identifying development opportunities realisable without damaging the heritage and in partnership between the private sector and others in the public sector (the Southern Gateway was a prime example aimed at attracting significant new inward investment into the city, thereby generating economic growth and the creation of jobs); and (3) creating a well-managed, well-coordinated, and well promoted city centre to attract visitors.


A central objective had been a drive to generate new ideas and to provide the key data required to take an informed view. The proposals in the Vision had, therefore, been shaped by field research, reviews of previous plans and strategies, facilitated workshops attended by representatives of community and business organisations, and a comprehensive range of studies including (a) research into comparable towns and cities and (b) qualitative and quantitative studies into usage of and satisfaction with the city and its facilities among residents, businesses, workers and visitors.


In short the Vision aimed to develop the city thus: ‘ Attractive, distinctive, and successful …Embracing its heritage and creating opportunity for all, Chichester’s City Centre will be inspiring and welcoming, and at the heart of one of the UK’s leading visitor destinations.’


Three major themes were established during the development process:


·       ‘Living’ - An Accessible and Attractive City Centre


     To achieve this, Chichester city centre will:


o   Be easily accessible but with less traffic, less pollution, further pedestrianisation and well-co-ordinated public transport

o   Give more priority for walking and cycling

o   Have attractive streets and open spaces

o   Be attractive and welcoming to students and young people, while enhancing life for older people

o   Encourage more city centre living with a range of accommodation for all demographics

o   Be a ‘smart’ city that is digitally connected ensuring access to digital services to all


·       ‘Working’ - A Vibrant and Growing Economy


Chichester will have homes for all ages and will be a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 383

Meeting: 13/06/2017 - Overview & Scrutiny Committee (Item 161)

161 Preparing a Vision for Chichester City Centre pdf icon PDF 91 KB

The committee is requested to consider the draft text for the Chichester City Centre Vision following the consultation period, and to make any recommendations to Cabinet.


Additional documents:


The committee considered the report circulated with the agenda (copy attached to the official minutes).


Mr S Oates presented the report. The committee was directed to the draft Vision in Appendix 3 and requested to consider the process and procedure that had been followed to get to this point where a final Vision document was now ready to be agreed. They were also asked to consider whether the consultation and the responses on the document were appropriate in order that any comments could be passed to the Chairman of the Steering Group.


Summary of responses to Members’ questions and comments:


·             The Vision steering group with its high level partnership membership ensures cross party cooperation.

·             There will always be conflict between differing views e.g. roads vs pedestrianisation and environmental concerns. Ambitions will need to be managed to help ensure they are deliverable.

·             Town centres are changing their approach due to online shopping and the increase in lifestyle shopping (relating to the ‘experience’) which has resulted in an increase in food and beverage businesses locating in the city.

·             There were 472 responses to the online consultation on the Vision, and around 30 further e-mails and letters, plus a large number of comments on social media postings.

·             The Vision is inevitably city centric but does reference, for context, the surrounding area such as the South Downs. A map will be included in the final document.

·             A large evidence base was considered and the city was compared to other similar heritage and cultural cities, such as Winchester and Canterbury, taking into account both its current offer and an assumed growth of 30%.

·             High level jobs are needed due to the disconnect between the high cost of housing and median level paid employment in the city. The University may refocus some of their courses in order to help create the type of jobs envisaged.




That the draft text for the Chichester City Centre Vision be noted.




That the draft Vision be approved.